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3SqMeals is a life enhancing movement with a mission to spread words of hope, optimism and wisdom.              

3SqMeals started in February 2011 as a one person's quest - Dr. O', to spread original messages of encouragement all over the world. Filled with a desire to reach as many people as possible, the thought of tweeting the messages came to mind. In 2012, 3SqMeals embarked on the global happiness initiative.


The goal at the beginning was simple -  to offer original quotes and messages three times daily to many across the world. The messages free of ideology and applicable to daily living are posted on Twitter @3SqMeals.

From its humble beginnings, 3SqMeals has been able to reach a global audience, and has led to the publication of its popular - '3SqMeals - Not Your Typical Meal' series. 3SqMeals has also developed to become a global brand with keepsakes and mementoes inscribed with many of the quotes written by Dr. O'. 3SqMeals also support charitable work on the issue of hunger and health disparities.